Template-Type: ReDIF-Paper 1.0 Author-Name: Aparajita Dasgupta Author-Name-First: Aparajita Author-Name-Last: Dasgupta Author-Email: aparajita.dasgupta@ashoka.edu.in Author-Workplace-Name: Ashoka University Author-Name: Farhan Majid Author-Name-First: Farhan Author-Name-Last: Majid Author-Email: fmajid@impaqint.com Author-Workplace-Name: IMPAQ International Author-Name: Wafa Hakim Orman Author-Name-First: Wafa Hakim Author-Name-Last: Orman Author-Email: wafa.orman@uah.edu Author-Workplace-Name: University of Alabama Title: The Nutritional Cost of Beef Bans in India Abstract: Beef is a rich source of heme iron and one of its cheapest sources in India. We use the state-level rollout of beef possession and sale bans as a natural experiment to study the health consequences of formalizing a religious restriction as law. Leveraging the intertemporal and spatial variation in these bans we invoke a triple difference-in-differences estimation framework and compare women’s hemoglobin levels in groups that traditionally eat beef— Muslims, Christians, and lower-caste Hindus—with those in groups that do not. We find that bans reduce women’s hemoglobin in beef eating communities by 3 mg/dl and increase severe anemia by 27 percent. length: 34 Creation-Date: 20220329 Revision-Date: Publication-Status: File-URL: https://dp.ashoka.edu.in/ash/wpaper/paper77_0.pdf File-Format: Application/pdf Number: 77 Handle: RePEc:ash:wpaper:77